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The Sheri + Nancy Show

Jun 26, 2018

World-renowned energy healer and medical intuitive Christine Lang is a master at looking at someone’s energy field, then tapping into their spiritual selves and identifying ways they can heal and let go of past wounds. Christine teaches us how to tap into our inherent gift of reading energy and shows us how we use that gift to make decisions all the time. Christine also explains how to gather our energy back when we feel out of control, how to deal with that scary energy vampires, and teaches an energy  practice you can do every day that is as easy as brushing your teeth. We are always trading energy with others so doing everything we can to maintain our energy fields is good medicine for the pillar life.



[2:30] Nancy’s past session with Christine revealed some old wounds regarding her divorce and the impact it had on her children. Sheri’s session kicked up the story of shame and guilt she was telling herself about a very painful and debilitating knee injury.

[5:20] Christine’s work touches upon the heart of Sheri and Nancy’s quest to take their love of story and PIllar work to transform their lives with radical self-care. All the negativity is based on stories we have made up, and stories that we have the power to change and move to a path that is more realistic and kind. Christine is looking at the energy coming off an individual as a result of those stories.

[8:12] It would be unrealistic to expect an instant overhaul of our stories that result in sadness, despair, and hopelessness. Instead, aim to stir the pot just a little each day on the old grooves set in place, and sprinkle in just a little bit of hope. This gets the motor running for your mind and body to start looking for situations to confirm that hope and make it a reality.

[10:52] Christine says that everybody perceives and reacts to energy, whether they are aware of it or not. All day long we are making choices and decisions based on the different energy of things, whether it’s an avocado at the grocery store or a friend we decide to call. We make the decision intuitively with our energy and emotion, and our mind rationalizes the “how” and “why” to back the decision.

[14:34] Most of us think of how much time or money something costs but put our energy on the back burner.

We tend to think of either having a ton of energy, or none at all. Christine says one of the first things she teaches others is to notice how they feel and give it more credit instead of trying to push through and drain it at the expense of an obligation. When we are focused on the future and our checklist of what needs to get done, our energy can be scattered and discombobulated. However, when one is is in the present moment, energy stays in the body and it’s easier to feel focused and more in control.

[18:33] Christine shares a breathing exercise to collect and center our energy. This exercise to great to do during a busy day when you would usually feel frazzled, or during an encounter with someone that leaves you feeling disempowered.

[20:43] Energy vampires aren’t the scary monsters hiding under our bed, but many people out in the world who have learned through conditioning over the years that they get love and reassurance through sharing their stories of negativity, fear, and victimhood. It’s often easier to complain about your headache and the high gas prices than it is to face what you aren’t taking accountability for in your life and work on it until it serves you.

[24:33] The front left part of our brain is where we register things that are problems, and on the right side is where we notice something positive about it. Research has been shown that people who meditate frequently are likely to notice a problem or challenge, but then quickly notice something positive or hopeful about that situation.

[26:53] Quantum physics states that energy follows intent. Christine builds upon this notion through visualization and guided imagery exercises that cleanse her energy and leave her fresh and ready to receive joy and appreciation.

[32:04] A good old complaining and stomp around session is a way we have learned to find common ground and connect with others, but Christine suggests there is a deeper way to connect with others and even inspire them.

[39:56] Many of us keep a mental and emotional scorecard and react by cutting them off energetically, but really it’s behavior that sets us back by giving our power and energy away. We can shift ourselves by connecting to the present, reminding ourselves that we are responsible for our own energy and behaving in accordance with the type of person we want to be.

[49:05] A way to preserve your own energy is to visualize yourself dropping a sheet of glass between you and the other person. This still lends the exchange for both of you to be seen and heard but creates an energetic barrier.

[56:36] Christine is excited to introduce the NuVibration supplement products, which have been infused with high vibrational energy. The supplements have been shown to soothe the central nervous system, and benefit resilience to stress, skin, mood, and overall health.

[60:02] This is Fifty with Sheri and Nancy: The Weekend on Aug 24-26 has an amazing line-up of teachers and tribe-builders who are going to help harness our collective energy and ignite our dreams. Tickets are on sale now at


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