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The Sheri + Nancy Show

Jun 18, 2019

She’s a life coach, best-selling author and vision board mega-manifester. Sarah Centrella joins the show today to tell Sher, Nance, and the DreamTribe how to envision, articulate, and create exactly the lives we want.

Sarah gives us a juicy new sneak peek at her soon-to-be-released book, #FutureBoards, which is all...

Jun 11, 2019

Not only is Katie Wells the CEO and Founder of Wellness Mama, she is a mom-of-six warrior, intrepid journalist, top-notch researcher, and titan in the podcast space. Her show, The Wellness Mama Podcast, focuses on natural living and ways to improve your life and the lives of those in your care. She’s just a wellspring...

Jun 6, 2019

We picked our 4 summer reads that we know you will love too.

So grab a friend or two and get your bookclub on!! (Like we did almost

thirty years ago.)  

Jun 4, 2019

Money money money. It may not be the key to happiness but it sure doesn’t hurt. Today’s guest is a bonafide rockstar in Japan, and with the June 4 release of his new book Happy Money, he is about to be just as huge here in the U.S. His nickname, the Happy Millionaire, says it all. Get your notebooks out...