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The Sheri + Nancy Show

Nov 14, 2017

A few weeks ago Sheri and Nancy carved out a new DreamQuest pillar for themselves -- Adventure & Discovery -- and this week they’re really going for it. Sheri attends a dinner party with dead loved ones, and Nancy gets her medical marijuana card (legal in CA). So pull up a chair for tales of spiritual adventure and access to cannabis.



[3:17] Sheri is all about learning new things these days, so she’s sharpening her knife skills and taking some classes to amp up her Health & Wellness pillar.

[5:18] You can check out some of Nancy’s recipes on They are simple, plant-based, and super easy to prepare.

[6:22] Nancy keeps on Bumbling on, with three dates under her belt, and she tells a story of her friend in Cleveland who just found true Bumble love in one swipe.

[10:43] This is 50 dating rule! Keep all conversations on the dating app until you’re in a relationship (don’t give your cell number to people too soon).

[16:58] Sheri recounts some “messages from the other side” she received an evening at Dinner with the Dead, an intimate dinner party hosted by psychic medium Thomas John.

[23:24] Nancy got her “med card” and shares her recent experience at a dispensary. She recommends CBD to Sheri...maybe one day they’ll take a This is 50 field trip to a dispensary as part of their Adventure & Discovery pillar.

[29:22] In response to listeners who have been asking Sheri how she quit smoking, she tells us that she quit once she met a doctor who was non-judgmental about addiction. The patch along with small doses of Wellbutrin was the winning combination for her.


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