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The Sheri + Nancy Show

Nov 21, 2017

Join Sheri and Nancy for a talk with the hilariously funny and honest-to-the-bone Leigh Koechner – speaker, parenting expert, spiritual teacher and overall badass. The moment they sit down, the three are instant friends. Throughout the episode, they explore the valuable lesson of mindfulness in every relationship, and chat about being a mother to kids who are forging their own identity, and the tough balance in marriage between supporting your partner and attending to your own happiness and dream of love. Leigh lays down some true wisdom about the importance of keeping things fresh and present in the moment.


[12:56] Sheri and Nancy are joined by guest Leigh Koechner.
[22:25] Nancy and Leigh exchange thoughts on motherhood – about raising strong kids who are finding their own paths to happiness, and how parenting has shaped their professional and personal lives. Motherhood softened Leigh and helped to heal her from a rough childhood.
[28:03] Leigh and her husband, actor and comedian David Koechner, have five children and have been married for 20 years. She has a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology from USM. This work helped her release and recraft any stories and negative energy that didn’t serve her.
[44:14] Leigh shares an emotional and beautiful story of her mother’s passing and how it brings a feeling of closeness and connection.
[55:59] Practicing mindfulness in a relationship is a way to keep things fresh and to not give in to false stories or ego-based attachments.
[60:08] Leigh’s 33 Days Series “Find your Gift and Give your Gift” is a mindful meditation series designed to spark inspiration and mindfulness, and guide listeners to giving their highest gifts.


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