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The Sheri + Nancy Show

Nov 28, 2017

A good spiritual conversation fills Sheri and Nancy with joy and inspiration. The more they talk about their spiritual paths, the more they feel guided by their intentions. In this week’s episode, they focus on the DreamQuest pillar of Spirituality & Happiness; for Sheri and Nancy, this is all about the foundation of our connection with ourselves, each other, and our world. Although each comes to her understanding of the universe from different backgrounds and perspectives, Sheri and Nancy have something big in common...their open minds. And they both truly believe that the thoughts we think and the words we say have an enormous impact on every facet of our lives. In 2018, Sheri and Nancy may be dancing in the quantum field as mystical Shamanic healers! Who knows? Join them on the journey.



[2:46] Spirituality may mean something different to everyone, but at its highest purpose, it is a connection with one’s soul, inner being, and alignment with sacred source energy.
[13:48] Sheri describes the teachings of Abraham Hicks as the “working man’s Quantum physics.” This work is her language for a life of co-creation and manifesting.

[20:35] Nancy had a powerful experience at a fire ceremony in the desert, and did some transformative work with Shaman Mari during her spiritual fast at We Care Spa.
[35:07] Many times women in the middle of life tell false and unkind stories to themselves regarding their weight, worthiness, and opportunities. Words have power!

[42:06] Meditation and retreats are wonderful, but even just talking about spirituality can spark enthusiasm and help you remember to refocus.


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